Giants Dance 2024


Hour Hall Archery Range Field A&S Room Youth Activities
5:00 Troll Opens
10:00 Troll Closes
Hour Hall/Kitchen Archery Range Field Class Room A&S Room Youth Activities
7:00 7:30 Troll Opens


8:00 8:30 Food Safety and Sanitation
9:00 Class: Food Safety and Sanitation 9:30 Open Range and Practice 9:30 Heavy Authorizations and Armor Inspections
10:00 Class: Into the Patisserie Stoneman Challenge Basics of Heraldic Design Set up Class: Butter Making
11:00 Class: Into the Patisserie Bull of Heaven Shoot Populace Judging Class: Intro to German Brick Stitch
12:00 Fundraiser Lunch
12:30 Troll Closes
closed for lunch Skirmishes and Open Field closed for lunch
1:00 1:30 Class: Wood-fired Oven – Flatbread (outside) Open Range Basics of Heraldic Name Research Class: Bransles
2:00 History & uses of Runes Outdoor Activities: water play and pinata
3:00 3:30 Range closes The Epic of Gilgamesh 3:30 Take Down
4:00 4:30 Court
5:00 Court
6:00 Feast
Hour Hall Archery Range Field A&S Room Youth Activities
8:00 Breakfast
12:00 Site Closes


  • Parking is in the front and in back of main building and along the fence in the field. The strip between the hall and the field is for drop off and pick up only.
  • The quiet room is meant for people to rest. Children are not allowed to play in the quiet room.
  • Please keep room doors closed.  We are trying to keep the air conditioning in.
  • No Pets on site except for Service animals. Please limit service animals in the kitchen.
  • No Smoking in the building.  Smoking in designated areas only.
  • The main school building is not part of site and is under construction. Please do not enter. 

Saturday Breakfast:

Saturday Lunch:  A fundraiser lunch featuring Tom’s world-famous BBQ.
Pulled pork sandwiches and brisket sandwiches will be available. (Served with chips and a drink.)
All funds raised will go into the upkeep and remodeling of Laurel Grove.

Feast: Grand Chef Feast

Sunday Breakfast:


Heavy fighting: Stone Man challenge- you will be Gilgamesh fighting the stone men. You will need to fight through 3 “stone men” but if you do not kill them fast enough, you may be fighting them all at once. This is a counted blows challenge. Gilgamesh will have 3 “killing blows” (limbs do not count as anything) the stone men will have 5 counted blows (limbs will count as a hit, but you will not lose them). Fastest time wins!

After the Stone Man challenge: there will be open field for melees and pickups

Rapier: we’re gonna do 2v2; Gilgamesh and Enkidu kill the bull of heaven. The bull is two fighters, single sword, one person L sword the other R. The attackers only daggers/ bucklers allowed.

Possible single elim after 2v2 depending on the number of fighters.


Food Safety in a SCA Kitchen Xanthe Yfantes
Modern Food Safety in a SCA kitchen. Strategies for running a safe kitchen as well as a focus on allergies and susceptible populations to keep food safe.
Basics of Heraldic Design Ulrich Eisenhand
An introduction to designing armory in the SCA.
Butter Making Eva Sanchez
We will make butter for feast by shaking jars full of cream.
Into the Patisserie Sara al-Garnatiyya
Learn how to make wonderfully flaky pastry crusts — we will make 12 pie crusts all told
Introduction to German Brick Stitch Gwenllian of Forgotten Sea & Eva Sanchez
This will be an all ages class where you will learn how to embroider German Brick Stitch patterns. Limited to 8 adults.
How to use a wood fire oven to make period flat bread THL Yamamoto Shingen
Students will learn about the history of portable wood fired ovens and will see one heated to temperature. Students will also learn a basic period flat bread recipe and help in the making of flat bread for feast. Limit 10 participants.
Basics of Heraldic Name Research Ulrich Eisenhand
An overview of basic rules and useful resources for SCA name research.
Dance Class: Bransles Eva Sanchez
We’ll be learning the Maltese Bransle and the Tangle Bransle, two dances that can be done without a partner.
History and uses of Runes Thorfinn Langskegg
History of the runic alphabet from early Scandinavia to modern contexts.
The Epic of Gilgamesh Ferdinand Torro
Highlights of the story of Gilgamesh, come and learn about the inspiration for our event.

A&S Exhibition and Competitions

Everyone who enters gets a gift for sharing their talents. Everyone is welcome to exhibit their A&S for the learning and enjoyment of the populace.  There will be a table set aside just for exhibits.

We will also have two people’s Choice A&S competitions.

1. A regular open to anyone with any project that fits inside an SCA A&S category.  Documentation is encouraged but not required. Everyone will fill out a sheet explaining what their project is, timeline, country or culture, and what part of society would be associated with it.

2. As children are our future there will be a special Minor and Mentor A&S – This special A&S will be judged by the populace and projects can be any SCA category. This is a team entry made up of a minor under 18 and an over-18 mentor. A majority of the project must be done by the minor. There will be a prize for both the minor and the mentor.

Archery Scenario

Ishtar has sent the Bull of Heaven to ravage the land in punishment for Gilgamesh insulting her. Gilgamesh and his friend Enkidu must bring it down.

The target is 2 foot by 1 foot and located 8 feet above the ground representing the bull’s eye. 6 arrows may be fired at a distance of 20 yards. Hitting inside the eye is 1 point. Hitting inside the iris is 2 points. Hitting inside the pupil is 3 points. In case of a tie, the tied archers will shoot again in a timed round.

Feast Menu

Starters / Appetizers
Fungus (Mushroom and Leek Soup) [Mushrooms, Leeks/onions, Veg Broth, spices]
Aquapatys (boiled Garlic) [Garlic, oil, water, spices]
Roman Bread per Cato the Elder’s Recipe* [flour, salt]
Butter [Heavy cream, salt, honey]
Mustard Eggs [mustard, hard boiled eggs]
First Course
Veal or Pork for the Italics [pork, salt, coriander]
Rice for the Alemanni [Rice, almond milk, spices]
Parsnip [parsnips/carrots, spices, wine]
Saupiquet Sauce [fat {drippings or lard}, onions, beef broth, white wine, lemon juice, vinegar]
Second Course
Hare (Hare, salt, pepper, ginger, cloves, herbs, spices]
Turkey [fire roasted turkey, salt, pepper]
Rutabaga [Rutabaga, spices, oil]
Lentils [lentils, onions, raisins]
Cucumber salad with mint [cucumber, pepper, pennyroyal, honey or possum, and vinegar]
Jance de Gingembre (Boiled Ginger Jance) [almonds, ginger, white wine, lemon juice]
Porriaux Blancs (Almond-Leek Sauce) [Leeks, almonds, country ham, broth]
Appulmoy (applesauce) [apples, almond milk, honey, rice flour, saffron, strong spice, and salt]
The Eleventh Kind (a type of shortbread sugar cookie) [Flour, butter, sugar]
Apple Torta for Peasants* [pie dough, apples, honey, spices, oil]
A section on Rice Pudding [rice, milk]
Sugar and Lemon Drink [lemon juice, water, sugar]
Cold mylk of Almondes [almonds, sugar, wine]
Mustard [mustard seed, red wine vinegar, vinegar, wine]
*Gluten free options will be available by special request