Chatelaine The Chatelaine is the contact point for newcomers to the Shire. If you’re new, this is the person for you to contact.

Seneschal The Seneschal is the president of our group. They coordinate all the other offices and liaise with the kingdom.

Exchequer The exchequer, also called a reeve, is the person in charge of the Shire’s money. They balance the books and are accountable to the society for all of our monetary transactions.

Herald  The herald has many jobs within the SCA. They are book worms researching period naming and armorial practices for our names and they are the voices we hear at events both on the field and for announcements. They also work closely with Scribes to make beautiful scrolls for awards.

Chronicler The Chronicler keeps our meeting minutes and other records.

Minister of Arts & Sciences The Moas, as they are commonly referred to, is responsible for fostering the arts and sciences within the Shire.

Minister of Youth The Minister of Youth is in charge of children’s and teen activities at our local events.

Knight Marshal The Knight Marshal, or their representative, is responsible for heavy combat upon the field.  They are required to oversee both event combat and local practices (to make them official). They are responsible, also, for making sure all the rules are followed on the lists and all armor meets kingdom rules.

Rapier Marshal Much like the Knight Marshal, the Rapier Marshal is responsible for rapier combat upon the field, both at events and practices. They make sure all Society and Kingdom rules regarding combat and armor are followed.

Live Weapons Marshal Live weapons consists of Target Archery and Thrown Weapons. The Live Weapons Marshal is responsible for inspecting all participant gear, and maintaining the safety of the range. The safety of the range is of huge import as live weapons can be deadly.

Webminister The webminister is in charge of the web presence of the shire.